ORBIT is an online initiative aiming to support and showcase emerging artists.

ORBIT began as an online residency platform which allows artists to share an in-depth look into their practise over the space of a week, but now aims to become a more established, resourceful online space. We want to allow artists to share the more ‘behind-the-scenes’ aspects of their practise and to highlight the concepts and techniques that drive their practise forward, and are currently trying to find new and interesting ways to be able to share this. We are working towards the ORBIT website becoming an online zine kinda space that you can read articles and look at some proper decent art. Like an online database for emerging artists, or somewhere where you can have a read-up about your favourite artists, or maybe discover some new ones. We’re still in a relatively new position of figuring out new ways to expand the ORBIT platform, so keep ya eyes peeled. x

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