NANCY COLLANTINE & DONNA WOOD (@nancollantine / @donmarwoo) – 1st – 7th April

Hello we are Donna Wood and Nan Collantine and we are very excited to be your Orbit artists in residence for the week. We will be taking you on a guided tour through our current Movement residency at Islington Mill, through which we are learning about collaborative process, using film, projection and painting.
We are both members of the @imartacademy Mill One Year Programme. It’s a peer-led learning experiment that started in October 2018.
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DAY 1 of collaboration between @donmarwoo & @nancollantine
This is a time lapse of the first time we have ever collaboratively painted together! We want to go big and energetic!
We have filmed the process as a record of our method .. and by filming it we have realised the collaboration has become a kind of performance of movement in itself.
Our method was to project the opening scene of the film ‘Blade’ onto some wallpaper pinned to our studio walls. We have chosen this famous scene as it has a thronging dancing crowd, and together we paint the movement and energy of the scene.
We’ve called the resulting painting ‘Blade Jungle’ – acrylic paint and ink on wallpaper -reminding us more of a colourful jungle scene than the dancing bloodbath of the film.
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Where did the collaboration start?
NC “I am looking for a way to draw and paint people going about their daily routine – at work and play. “

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@donmarwoo says ‘Before this collaboration I have previously projected films that I have made onto buildings and objects in public places. I am always exploring different ways to use projection and film in my art.
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On collaborating, DW: I chose a couple of films of dancing, one fast moving club scene and a much slower ballet performance. Using water based paint to experiment with immediacy was one of the decisions we made before we started, and we also agreed when to swap places during the process. Afterwards we responded to the marks with more paint and ink. These were the resulting paintings.
Having the space to project and film the performance of painting was a great opportunity and it’s thanks to @islingtonmill that we had this space outside our studio in Unit 4 for the residency.

NC: Independently I began with working from a film of my kids playing on the X Box. I was interesting in exploring the movements associated with gaming. After experimenting with drawing from these films with graphite onto paper, which I found easy and direct, I switched to using oil on unstretched canvas, which made it harder to keep up with the movement of the film.

Here’s is the process of painting by @donmarwoo DW says ‘I’ve been interested in the idea of the digital and the organic combining and clashing in a data driven world for some time – inspired by the book ‘Homo Deus.’ We all encounter and leave behind a trail of data as we move around a city and to explore this idea, I began by combining people and pattern in my paintings. I started by painting from projections of some of my photo collages- surreal cityscapes in which I replaced people’s faces with intricate patterns.
I‘m also experimenting with colour to see if I can create a flatness or artificial feeling in my paintings- I tried out using colours that are all of a similar tone, inspired by the techniques of the impressionists. #pattern #colour#dataart #surrealism #landscape#cityscape #contemporarypainting#tone


A moving crowd. Painting in collaboration.
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The resulting painting of a moving crowd. Gesso on navy fabric and overpainted with house paint in colour #streetscene #painting#contemporaryart #abstract#expressionism #newrealism#nancollantine #donmarwoo

@donmarwoo says ‘this is a work in progress, it’s a crowd painting that’s influenced by the collaborative crowd scene painting in the previous two posts.
I’m combining loose energetic mark making from projected moving crowds, with the more precise patterns l’m enjoying developing. … #wip #pattern #crowds#contemporarypainting #oilpainting


Here we’re painting a double portrait of ourselves which was from a slower more considered film of us sat next to eachother chatting (you can see the film projected onto our back at some points when we stand back)
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For the next part of our collaborative portrait, we decided to be free from projection, and just paint using colour, reacting to each other and the marks we made. I really enjoyed taking turns in mark making, building upon what each other did

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@donmarwoo says ‘This is a portrait in which I was experimenting with oil paint glazes, layering one colour upon another. The drips create patterns of lines across the face which remind me of digital lines
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NC: The decorator; working from movement and static figure in space. Oil and graphite on supersize canvas #space #artistresidency#interiordecorating #graphite#oilpainting #contemporarypainting#nancollantine

To make this version of the crowd scene painting, we put music on really loud (Beyoncé!) and painted together the colour and shapes we enjoyed. The painting became more like a performance, dancing ourselves whilst we painted to create much more energetic movement in the work.
DW: By the end of this collaborative painting, I really did feel like a two headed, 4 legged drawing machine, as if the two of us are acting as one super fluid painter. #pattern#collaboration #expressionism#contemporarypainting#experimentalart #beyonce #painting#mixedmedia

This shows Donna’s process of making a layered pattern with oil paints. @Donmarwoo says ‘as part of learning how to layer oil paints using glazes, I began painting layers of patterns on top of each other. Each layer of pattern was projected onto the canvas and then painted it in a different colour glaze.
Through pattern I am exploring the idea of organic versus digital. The patterns are taken from nature and have a uniform or cellular element to them. Often made from dots, these patterns would unnerve people with trypophobia – I am exploring how to create an unsettling feeling through pattern.
#trypophobia #glazes #oilpaint#pattern #contemporaryoilpainting#contemporarypainting #cellular

Today is Saturday/ work in progress/ moving self portrait. Oil on canvas.

This is us @donmarwoo and @nancollantine signing off. We’ve had a great week thanks! Sharing it with you has made it extra thoughtful.