find more information about our current open calls below.


ORBIT is currently looking to host weekly residencies on our instagram page (@orrbbitt) to support the development of artists in the early stages of their careers, and help to expose their work to a wider audience in the hope that they can forge connections with other artists working across the country. Residencies can consist of whatever the artist desires. Whether you want to just share your work with other people and tell us a bit about your practice, or you have a specific project that you want to carry out that our platform would be suitable for, we will be able to accommodate you.

– Residencies will be submitted/accepted through an ongoing open call, with the applications ending at the end of every month, and the residency program beginning at the start of every month.
– Each residency will last no longer than a week, and successful applicants must ensure to post at least 1 thing per day of the residency.
– The residency program will be announced on a monthly basis, and featured on the ORBIT instagram page (@orrbbitt), before being archived on our website at the end of the month.
To apply, send us up to 5 examples of your work, a short statement about your artistic practice, and a proposal for what you plan to do during your time with the instagram residency, along with contact details, etc.
– If you are not selected for the monthly programme, your details/submissions will be kept on file for consideration for the next few monthly residencies.

To find out more information, and to apply for our current residency open call, check us out on curatorspace here, or send us an email on


One of the new ways ORBIT is looking to support & engage with artists is through publishing pieces of writing on our website! I’ve noticed a lot throughout doing these residencies that a lot of artists are writing a lot of essays or general think pieces as part of their practise, or are also writing exhibition reviews and articles, and this is something that ORBIT really wants to try and highlight/encourage!

(This came out of an idea I was having of creating an ORBIT zine to distribute around, but due to the current situation, tangibility is out the question)

To apply, please send us a copy of the piece of writing you’d like to be published (in a word document please) (no max. word count as of yet, but nothing ~too~ extensive please), along with general contact details, social media links, and any other information you think is relevant to your application. – email your applications to – we are accepting pretty much every form of writing, whether it’s a personal piece or an essay or a review, I’ll take it all!

There’s no guidelines or specific requirements at the moment and pieces will be published online every couple of days. This is operating on a trial basis (hopefully permenant), but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!


SO I am inherently nosy, and my favourite part of hosting these weekly residencies is really being able to get such a deep insight into artists practises, the techniques they use and how they got to that point, and so on. In a new branch of ORBIT, I want to shift the focus from the artists over to the people ~behind the scenes~ – people who curate exhibitions, run galleries, manage spaces, host podcasts and workshops, create/distribute zines etc. alongside (or in place of) their creative practise. I really want to understand how and why people have started these creative projects, to highlight the amount of work that goes into running these kinds of endeavours and what they hope to gain from it, and so on. I want to talk about the parts of the art world that isn’t actually the art and to allow people an insight into all the different creative paths you can take.

If you’d like to be considered for an interview (which will happen as a back-and-forth email chain before being published on the ORBIT website), please email with some information about yourself, a brief overview about whatever project you’d like to talk about, and all the relevant contact details and links.

This isn’t really an open call as such, maybe just more of a way of seeing who’d be interested and figuring out the logistics of it. Interviews will most likely be published once a week, so please get in touch cos I’d love to have a bit of a natter!